Thursday, February 13, 2014

What Should You Do With Your PS3 Now?

The PS4 has already been launched and with that comes the question of what you should do with your PS3. There’ll come a time when developers will stop releasing games for the PS3 and you’ll most likely spend less time playing on the PS3 as you spend more playing on the much newer version of the gaming console. Well, there are several things you could do with your now “old-gen” PS3 and we’ll review your options one by one.


1) Keep it and build a complete library of ALL the games on PS3

If you love your PS3 so much, think of how the end of new games for the console means that there are now a finite number of games you can acquire for your beloved console. You’ve probably seen some of the game collections others have posted online and you can see racks upon racks of nothing but games.

You probably already own quite a lot of games for your console so you’re well on your way to getting the rest of the games released. This option works best for those who have A LOT of space to spare in their room and has a really deep love for their “old-gen” console. Many of the old games for the PS3 are still available online so it’s still relatively easier to collect all of the games.

2) Or, just use it to play your PS3 games.

You could also keep your PS3 and take it out during those times when you’re feeling nostalgic and want to replay the games you’ve spent many hours playing on the console. And since the PS4 does not support backwards compatibility, you can’t play your old PS3 games on the newer version so that makes it impossible for you to revisit your past gaming adventures. You could wait for a PS3 emulator to be released one day but it won’t be the same as playing on the console itself.

3) Sell it.

You could also sell your PS3 now if you have limited space at your place and you don’t see yourself revisiting your old games on it. PS3 trade value on Game Stop is at $100 and it’s bound to go down as time progresses. Games can fetch as high as $18 for newer and more popular games like Assassin’s Creed IV.

4) Give it to someone who’ll appreciate it.

Or if you don’t want to sell it at those prices, you could just hand it down to a friend or relative of yours. It’s still better than stuffing it away somewhere and not playing with it. It’s also a much better option to just throwing it away and having it leak dangerous metals in a landfill. Giving your old console to someone who’ll have countless hours being entertained on it just spreads the love. You could always drop by at their place and play a few games on your old console if you’re feeling a tinge of nostalgia.

These are just some ideas on what you could do with your PS3 today. Have fun with whatever plan you choose—whether to give it to someone else or just keep it and give those games another go.

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