Wednesday, February 5, 2014

World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition Will Launch in a Few Days

Gamers! Get in your tanks and get ready to roll as the World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition will come out of its Beta version and launch this coming February 12. The Xbox 360 Edition of the World of Tanks game will be free for download and ready to play for those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription.


There are over 70 million active users of the PC version of the World of Tanks game since it was launched in 2011. Leif Johnson contributed his review of the Xbox 360 edition of the game to IGN and he said he enjoyed the newer edition more than the PC version of the game.

Johnson notes that the visuals of the Xbox 350 version may have suffered from the cross over but he liked the “intentionally clumsy” movements of the tanks and that the game’s makers added a degree of realism to the game to give gamers the heady experience of tense matches.

Gamers can choose from 100 tanks from the U.S., Germany, and the U.K. when the game launches in February and will get to choose more when Wargaming adds more tanks to the game. Like most games these days, the game operates on a “freemium” monetisation model so that it’s free to download and play but players can choose to upgrade their tanks and get rare and premium items through micro-transactions.

World of Tanks In-Game Currency and Credit Card Purchases

The in-game economy of the World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition lets gamers earn currency and XP by playing the game. Gamers can earn Silver currency by completing battles, doing missions or by exchanging these from Gold currency. Alternatively, you can buy game money online using your credit card by purchasing Microsoft Points. Gold is also sold on Wargaming’s Premium Shop. You can also purchase upgrades and other weapons on the game through PayPal, Western Union, and MOL Points on the Premium Shop. Gold can also be purchased with Microsoft Points. Indeed, with millions of players, it’s not hard to imagine how much money Wargaming is earning through their “freemium” strategy.

Gamers earn XP from playing the game and these can either be Tank XP that can only be spent on the tank that earned it or Free XP that can be spent on any tank. The XP can be used to research and upgrade the tanks based on the game’s tech tree system.

Johnson pointed out one failing of the game’s maker when they designed the game’s upgrade option because the designers failed to make a clear distinction between premium cash options and items that could be bought through winnings. However, Johnson said he didn’t feel the desire to use premium currency for their tanks as the game provided enough rewards to purchase new tanks and other important upgrades.

World of Tanks Game Play

Players start with tier 1 vehicles and slowly upgrade to better and stronger tanks. Players can upgrade their tank’s guns, turrets, engines, and other equipment as they progress through the game. World of Tanks is a multiplayer game and gamers need to work within a team to achieve victory.

Up to 30 tanks can compete at a time and the tanks are split into two teams. The tanks will battle it out on over 10 maps that are available on the game. Tanks compete in either a “Standard” battle where they attempt to secure the opposition’s base. Tanks can also exchange fire to capture one base in an “Encounter” mode or duke it out as an attacker or defender in the “Assault” mode.

The locations of the maps on the game were inspired by actual locations from historic battles but the designers tweaked it to provide better game play. The average map size on the game is one square kilometre for open field maps and the urban and city maps are a little less than that. There are breakable elements on the map that add to the game play and gamers can’t rely on hiding behind a wall as these can be destroyed by enemy tanks.

With millions of active players, you can expect to easily find matches in the game. Average battles take between five to 15 minutes. Just make sure you’ve a fast broadband connection so you can enjoy a better gaming experience as you play this shooter online with your Xbox Live account.


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