Monday, November 17, 2014

Simple Adjustments to Make Your Condo's Living Room Xbox 360+ Kinect and Fitness Friendly

Dancing your way around your living room needs to be fun and entertaining. Dancing is the perfect way for you to enjoy a lazy weekend or evening in your condo. And, what better way to do this than to dance to the tunes of your Xbox 360 Kinect?

Image: Xbox 360 with Kinect sensor

Dance to the beat of Kinect in your living room to stay fit and healthy. Make your condo’s living room Xbox 360 Kinect and fitness friendly, in time for you to dance to the beat of your favorite music!

The Magic of Symmetry

Arranging your furniture symmetrically maximises the spaces within your living room’s premises. Arrange your couch, table, storages and other stuff either on the far end right or left side of your living room. Make sure to clear the spaces in front of your television so you can dance to your Xbox Kinect’s music. Make sure these spaces will be sufficient to hold a dancing mat on the floor where you can dance for better mobility.

New Double Purpose Furniture

Replace your old furniture with double purpose ones. Double purpose furniture such as a mini table and stool in one go a long way in maximising your condo living room’s spaces. The best thing about having this furniture is that this may make excellent Kinect dancing accessory, too. Put the stool between your feet while creatively making dance moves against the table and stool in one furniture.

A Sizable TV Stand

Purchase a sizable stand where you’d place your television for your Xbox 360 Kinect. Provide additional storage for other things in your living room. Doing so will maximise the available spaces where you can dance the night away.

A Laptop Instead of a PC

If you haven’t purchased a personal computer for your living room yet, buy a laptop instead. A laptop will not take a lot of space in your condo’s living room. Avoid troubles even before you start using your Xbox 360 Kinect the easy way. Look into all the possible ways to free up your living room’s spaces.

Transfer Kids’ Play Area in the Bedroom

If you have a kids’ play area in your living room, transfer it to your kids’ bedroom before you purchase an Xbox 360 Kinect. Your kids will appreciate what you’ll be doing as they frolic in the good time of non-stop dancing with Xbox 360 Kinect.

Separate Study Areas from Your Living Room

Studying and dancing don’t go together. To enhance your kids’ Kinect experiences, you need to put study areas in your kids’ bedrooms or the guest room. If you have a spare guest room, it’ll be better to put your study areas there. You’ll want your kids to focus on having a good time as they dance to Kinect, without being bothered by anything else. Similarly, you’ll want them to exclusively focus on their studies during the right time, too.

Make things easier for memorable dancing sessions in your own living room. Simple things matter a lot in your quest to make your condo’s living room Xbox Kinect and fitness friendly. For more info about best condos and apartments, follow this link.


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