Monday, November 5, 2018

Effects of Having a Bad Credit Score

A bad credit score is more than just a lower number in your credit report. The consequences of having a poor credit may cause you a lot of trouble than you think. Many businesses today, whether it is financial institutions or not, value the credit report of an individual. So, it is necessary to exert effort in increasing your credit score.

Bad Credit Score

We compiled the negative effects of bad credit you should be aware of.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

3 pieces of technology that didn’t reach their potential

Sometimes, fantastic ideas and products just don’t take off or people are not aware of them. Usually, there are a variety of reasons for this; perhaps there was a lack of awareness around said product, or maybe people didn’t realise how beneficial it could be in their daily life. This also applies to technology, despite how fast we all consume innovative technology at the minute.

Windows Phone

Over the last few years, there have been many pieces of technology that should have been way more popular than they ever were. Some businesses have even completely lost their place in the market because of one piece of technology that didn’t work out.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Great Tech Gadgets for Runners

Are you ready to ramp up your running game? Looking to take your runs to the next level? Consider taking advantage of the terrific selection of wearable technology to record your runs and set goals. Check out the awesome deals on fitness trackers offered by Groupon Coupons at the Nike store. Whether you’re still on the couch or are a beginning runner, follow these recommendations from the fitness experts to ramp up your running experience with your new wearable technology.

Gadget for Runner

The first step is to ensure that you have quality, well-fitting footwear. An ill-fitting pair of athletic shoes can truly hamper your stride and also poses the risk for injury. There is a classic run walk strategy that can ramp up your running abilities in short order. Identify a 5k race that will be held in your area approximately 8 weeks from now. Register for this race and make that your goal. Begin training for your 5k race by committing thirty minutes each day to running and stretching. Spend five minutes stretching your calf muscles and lower body muscles. Begin with a power walk for five minutes. Set the timer on your activity tracker to ring at two minute intervals. Walk fast for two minutes and enter a slow jog for two minutes. Repeat this rotation for thirty minutes five times a week for two weeks. At the onset of week three, set your activity tracker timer for two minute brisk walks followed by three minute slow jogs. Continue this five times a week for two weeks. For the next four weeks, increase the running time by one minute each week. By week eight you’ll be more than ready for your first 5K race.

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