Sunday, July 9, 2017

5 Favourite Pop! Vinyls

Pop! Vinyls are increasingly popular with lots of figures sold worldwide. They’re perfect as a gift for a fan of the certain franchise as they’re clearly characters from that franchise with a ‘super deformed’ twist to make a unique gift. For the benefit of this blog, we’ve trawled through the hundreds of Pop! Vinyls to pick out our 5 favourites. These are all manufactured and except for Piper (this is a pre-order) can be at your doorstep in 3-5 days.

Star Wars Rebels Sabine figure

One: Star Wars Rebels Sabine figure
Manufactured by Funko, this figure is an accurate representation of Sabine despite the huge head! It is highly detailed, for example, her hair is the same colour exactly as in the series. Also, it includes her weapons and accurate details in terms of her outfit. This makes it a great gift for any big fan as they’re sure to notice the small details that others wouldn’t. If Sabine isn’t the one for you (or whoever you’re buying for!), the other characters from the TV series are also available.
  • From ‘Star Wars Rebels’
  • Approximately 9 centimetres tall
  • Comes in illustrated box with window to view figure
Two: Spider-Man: Homecoming Peter Parker figure
Of course, it is again manufactured by Funko. As all fans will know, Peter Parker is the high school student behind the mask, given his special powers due to being bitten by a radioactive spider. This particular Pop! Vinyl sports a blue t-shirt with a yellow emblem, not the iconic Spider-Man costume. For any fan of Spider-Man, this is a great option.
  • From ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’
  • Stands at approximately 9 centimetres tall
  • Illustrated box with a window to view the figure
Three: Game of Thrones Harpy figure
Created by Funko, this figure is a colourful representation of one of the sons of Harpy from the highly successful ‘Game of Thrones’. Featuring the golden head and black, depthless eyes, this figure is easily recognisable from the episodes that they have appeared in. The outfit that the figure is wearing is an accurate representation of how they appeared on the shows. The figure also wields a knife. Game of Thrones fans are sure to want this figure of the highly memorable Harpy. If there’s other characters that you would like to buy, there’s also other Pop! Vinyls such as the Night King.
  • From ‘Game of Thrones’
  • Approximately 9 centimetres tall
  • Packaged in an illustrated box with window to view the product
Four: Fallout 4 Piper figure
This figure is of the plucky reporter, Piper. The classic Funko treatment matches her character well. An accurate representation of her and her outfit, this Pop! Vinyl is perfect for any player of the Fallout 4 game. Featuring her trademark hat and her cigarette, gamers will be astounded at the detail.
  • From ‘Fallout 4’
  • Stands at 9cm tall
  • Packaged in illustrated box with a window to view item
Five: Doctor Who K-9 figure
We all love dogs, especially robotic ones! Doctor who classic character K-9 gets the Pop! Vinyl treatment which suits this character, making an already unique character even more unique. Despite the enduring popularity of K-9, there isn’t much screen time for him or admittedly many figures. This Pop! Vinyl is likely to only be made once due to this so for any fans of the robot would be wise to buy it now. That makes it a perfect gift for any Doctor Who fans. If you’re not a fan of canines, there’s also other Doctor Who Pop! Vinyls available.
  • From ‘Doctor Who’
  • Stands at 9cm tall
  • Packaged in an illustrated box with viewing window
  • Potentially limited edition


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