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Gaming Computer Cases - Which is the best pick of the bunch?

With so many gaming computers on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. How do we choose? Well each one has its pros and its cons.

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The essential features of a computer case are numerous. There should be sufficient USB ports for the standard user all the way up to the serious gamer or computer user. Microphone and headphone sockets should be a standard on every case you view. More advanced computer cases have fan controllers on them, which would be a welcomed feature for the seasoned gamer that is using a lot of CPU power. Furthermore, it is important to consider price against function when buying a computer case.

There are many great gaming computer cases on the market. One of the best is possibly the Antec Three Hunded case which is regarded as the most accommodating. It has plently of space for multiple cooling fans to fit in, and it still lots of space for high-end graphics cards for the hardcore users. It also has two USB ports on its front along with audio in and out sockets. This case also has space for 5 fans (3 intake fans included) which maximise airflow to cool the hardworking components in your case.

Another great choice is the Xigmatek Utgard. This is similar to the higher level Antec cases in many ways. It comes with four USB ports at its front (compared to just 2 with the Antec 300) and it has space for up to six fans. It also has a very brilliant feature in that it comes with two fan controllers on its front panel, which allow you to easily change your fan's speed. At $105, the Xigmatek Utgard is around double the price of the Antec 300, however it has more features and it is also cheaper than some of the other higher end cases out there.

When it comes to the highest end cases, the Antec 1200 needs no introduction (well, unless you've never heard of it!). It has space for a massive twelve hard drive slots, and it supports eight fans. It also comes with HD audio input and output and - due to its fairly big size - it support all types of motherboards including ITX, micro ATX and standard ATX. It also has support for water cooling with space for pumps and reservoirs; which is fortunate considering how much heat 1-2 graphics cards and up to 12 hard-drives would pump out! It does cost $215 though, so be sure that you really will use all of this case's features before buying.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the Cooler Master CM 690 gaming computer case. It costs just $90, which is a price which will blow much of its competition away; including its move expensive competitors. It comes with plently of space and ventilation, it supports as many as ten (yes, 10!) fans and it has eight expansion slots. And so at its fairly low price, it's difficult to say anything bad about it.

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