Friday, October 15, 2010

Free NDS Downloads: Are They Worth It?

NDS or Original Style Nintendo DS is a gaming console created by the Nintendo company. It almost looked like Game Boy advanced, but it has two screens in two connected and movable body parts that could be compared with a compact mirror. The bottom half has buttons and a touch screen, good for playing using your fingers or a stylus, a pen-like instrument used for "virtual writing" and "virtual button pressing".

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And you can play games using a NDS game card plugged into the card socket. But, it is not only used for gaming purposes. It also has a built-in microphone and wifi (Wireless Fidelity) or a wireless connection, good for chatting and email with other NDS users within a close range. And removing the card, you can have a time and date monitor, a calendar and a daily planner.

But of course, if you are the type who doesn't want to spend a fortune buying NDS games you would think of ways to get one free. That is why some internet sites offer free game installation, complete with instructions on how to download one. But, you must pay a membership free to download-all-you-want. If you think that you can spend some bucks, then why not.

If you want some really free perks, then download a computer application for file sharing networks. All you have to do is to choose one link, wait for it to download (that could take hours), include the keygen or key generator and crack, and follow the instructions. But, it has no security. Some files are corrupted, with virus, or even worse, modus for money scams. If you have a weak antivirus program or you do not know how to fix a computer virus; then don't take the risk.

However, you must consider the following risks. In the law, pirated files are not allowed. Distribution of media such as music, videos and even games without prior notice to the company is a crime. And even end users, or the pirate consumers could also be put in jail if found guilty. Are you willing to pay the price if that happens?

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Free NDS Downloads may be pleasing for the eyes, but better think first. Better buy one game card than doing the crimes that other money conscious people continue.

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