Sunday, April 4, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The New single player is great, you wont be disappointed. Graphics are awesome, and the backdrops are very nice eye candy. You can switch out your guns for different ones of your choosing when you come across certain "special crates" scattered around any given level, which is nice because that means you can switch up your play style when YOU want too. The single player campaign is short and sweet, the story doesn't grab you like MW2's, but enjoyable none-the-less.

Wow, this is different, there is a leveling up system which is similar to MW2, nothing as developed though, but there is enough there to keep you coming back for more and you do unlock different sights, guns, gadgets etc... Some are just for the particular class you use i.e - medic unlocks larger health packs, but others are more general and can be used for any class, i.e - heavy vehicle perks.

The first Battlefield Bad Company had 2 deal breakers for me. One was their crazy health system where you jam a needle into your stomach when your health got low, which of course is something you would have to do 50 times a match. The other was the lack of any kind of kill cam! It's no fun being sniped over and over again and having no idea where the sniper is when you re-spawn.

The maps are BIG. You don't run around a small little sandbox that has hills dividing it into separate sections that give it the impression of being bigger than it is, you run around a big map with distanced objective points. The weapons are varied, the classes are unique and all have a use in the chemistry of the team, and the game has a very balanced feel. One doesn't choose the most "powerful" class, they choose the one that they personally like the most and it all balances out from there. The game types remind me of BF2 for the PC.

They are polished, strategic, and rewarding. Where this game really shines is that the maps have vehicles. This means you can fly a helicopter to transport people from your main base to the other locations that you want to capture. You can also drive around in Hummers, or a tank. The tanks are powerful, but a smart player can spawn as the proper class and eliminate them. Why was Modern Warfare 2 considered a good game? What other online shooters did the 360 have? None really... that is why. Sure, Halo 3, Gears, to name a couple, but in terms of "gritty-realistic" online games, there weren't many. Now that this shooter has made its appearance on the 360, I don't think there will ever be any going back.

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