Monday, September 5, 2011

Which Golf Head Cover You Must Go For

The latest fashion for golf sticks is golf head covers, golf club head covers are commonly used these days and are made of different kinds of materials and designs being used in golf head covers – they are few central aspects, a golfer must know.

Golf game
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Nobody wants that there golf club slipping off the golf ball while taking that central swing while it’s raining. The golf clubs head covers also keep the club heads spic and span and free of dust. Overall, golf club head covers ensure that your clubs are in best shape and provide you with maximum efficiency on the golf course.

Therefore it’s very important to pick up the best golf club head covers made with the best material and style to protect the golf club head covers. If when deciding about the golf club head covers, you will find yourself with brutal confusion, hence you need some important tips that will come to your rescue:

There are two golf head covers – one is knitted and the other one is the contempory covers

Knitted Covers
These are the type of golf club head covers that are relatively very inexpensive and are very traditional in looks and make. Such traditional head covers come in many styles, shapes and sizes and provide excellent protection to the golf club heads. You can make these golf club head covers even in the comfort of your home if you are good at sewing/ knitting! You may take assistance of magazines or online catalogs to help you find best designs for your homemade covers. There are plenty of theme designs such as animals or sports team etc. also available in the market. They also don’t provide waterproofing for the club heads thus making them vulnerable to water damage. Nevertheless, the knitted golf club head covers are still very much up in the popularity charts and are extensively used by golfers all over.

The Contemporary Covers
Even though knitted golf club head covers remain the popular choice, with the new technologies being used extensively nowadays, the modern head covers are also gaining good ground among golfers. Most popular among the new age head covers are the ones that are made in neoprene, the same material that is used to produce wetsuits for the surfers and divers.

Whichever golf club head cover you may eventually choose you must pay good consideration to the protection offered by them to your club heads. That is the minimum requirement besides your personal needs and preferences. With head covers getting cheaper by the day, you can even consider owning many of them.

The head cover avoids the damages to the tips of the club. This will help the player to have the golf swing perfectly and envy of the other players or the persons.

The ease of closing the golf head covers is also an important task; the player cannot be wasting the time trying to close the top of the club once it is placed in the bag. so ,a lot of factors are their to keep in mind , why we use golf head covers and what is the history behind using it and finally how to go about picking the best golf head covers.


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