Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The PSP no Go

Sony have called time on the PSP Go despite the fact that it only came out in October 2009, so what has been the downfall of this latest portable console and what is just around the corner to replace it?

The Sony PSP Go is basically a more slim-line and supposedly more portable handheld console, which has been praised for its gameplay and functionality.

Photo: Dekuwa

However the main difference between the Go and other PSP models is that games are downloaded from Sony’s game store.

This means that you don’t have any hard copy of the games you want, as they are downloaded onto the console via the internet, with a game taking roughly half an hour to be ready to play.

In an age where even online video content such as Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s Afternoon Delights is available on demand and almost in an instant, this wait has proved too long.

The battery life for the Go has also been raised as an issue, with the battery only lasting three to four hours of solid gaming.

If you’re on a long car or train journey, four hours is simply not long enough and no doubt Sony will be looking to improve this in the future.

The price hasn’t helped matters either for gamers, as the Go was retailed £225 on its release, which is not much less than a PS3 console with extra PS3 accessories.

PSP with GO!Explore GPS
Photo: James F Clay

For these reasons the PSP Go’s time in the gaming spotlight has been short lived, and Sony have formally announced that they are to end production and shipping.

However Sony are set to launch the NGP later this year, so gamers will soon have a whole new and exciting portable console to get stuck in to.


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