Monday, July 11, 2011

Sony Denies The Charges PlayStation Network Hack

Sony PlayStation network password recovery page built after week after stopping the hackers breached the corporate network, and reduced more than 100 million online accounts, in reality it is temporarily offline - for safety reasons, the company said.

But there is another trick, called the Sony blog post late Wednesday.

"Contrary to some reports, there was no hacking involved," wrote Patrick Seybold, Sony's senior director of corporate communications and media. "In the process of resetting passwords was an exploit URL that we have set forth below."

This page has been built to encourage users to reset their password PlayStation after Sony's PlayStation, a system that connects online game players around the world. But the password for the page is self-discovery to the subsequent lack of security.

Nylevia game site had discovered the fault on Tuesday, leaving the pirates of the day word change, just enter an email address and date of birth.

"Despite the current methods used to apply a change of password when you first connect to the PlayStation Network accounts are still uncertain," wrote "A new hack is doing a tour in dark corners of the Internet that allows the attacker to change your password using only your e-mail address and date of birth."

The site did not provide details, citing security concerns.

"We have quite understandably do not want to detail the exact details of them take advantage of the possibility that when a web-based interface to return in favor of the NDP is not patched," wrote the site, which said that Sony will use the alarm.

In early May, Sony denied claims that the site was hacked as well, after the failure of this site. The company chalked up after a new security measure rather than working as first suspected pirates.

Sony has been heavily criticized over his management of the network intrusion. The company did not notify the consumer in violation until April 26, although it has begun to examine the unusual activity on the network April 19.

Sony is at the time that personal information has been stolen 24600000 user accounts last month, a hacker attack. Personal details such as credit card numbers may have been stolen from another account 77000000 PlayStation, Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka said.

He said that Sony has not received reports of illegal use of stolen information, and the company is still investigating the attack of pirates. He declined to give details of the investigation.

Last month, U.S. lawyers filed a lawsuit against Sony on behalf of lead plaintiff for negligence Kristopher Johns protection of personal data and the failure to inform the players in time for their credit card information can be stolen . The lawsuit seeks class-action status.

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