Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Start the journey of Maple Story Mesos

I have no interests in Computer games, even though they are interesting and simulative to play. You may think that  I am a boring person. While, I am the one to be happy without computer games. I have ever thought that there will be any relation between my life and computer games, such as Maple Story mesos.
However, suddenly I find that I am wrong. I have never thought that my job have tightly relation with Maple Story mesos. Now, I am stocked in writing articles about the theme.

When I saw the name, Maple Story, I just think tat it is a story, maybe interesting, maybe romantic, after all, it is only a story about maple, which is a kind of plant. While, I was totally wrong. It is a splendid as well as simulative computer games, what is more, numerous people around the world show strong interests on the game.

I have also ever thought that I can copy the articles about Maple Story online, as there are a lot of articles about the them. While, I am also the one who are absolutely considerate. Since writing articles is my job, I can not show any complaint about it, on the apposite, I should regard it as one part of my life. Therefore, I should pay most of my attention on it.

Many workmates of mine complain that we are the kind of migrating workers online. Because we always repeat the same things everyday and every minute even every second. For example, writing articles about maple story every day. Actually, whatever job you do, you will meet the same thing, because there exit a rule that: excellence = simplicity + multiplicity.

In order to do the job well, I should take the information about Maple Story Mesos, I even will buy Maple Story Mesos if necessary. Maybe it is not easy to make up the kind of information for a greener in so short time. While, I have a faith that I am the one.

Work harder or give up the job, it is choice question for me and my workmates. Maybe I will find another job that is fit for me in a larger degree. However, I will regard the job with all my energy so long as I am on duty. Therefore, I will try my best to write more articles about Maple Story.


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