Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review on StarCraft 2 Secrets

Right as sc 2 was available my buddies started playing without regrets. as a way to bypass the initial learning curve we decided to buy strategy guides this has allowed us to win games much sooner. We bought several different guides, it was great to exchange our ideas and strategies and apply them in playing 4v4. But the fact is some of the guides available out there are worthless. If you're an amateur who just started playing how could you apply all the Pro's strategies? With time of course, the beginner can become professional and set new limits? You won't see this as soon as you start playing even if you're usually great at such games. But these guides do not hide anything to newcomers and more advanced players.

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Thankfully, we were glad to realise that "Starcraft 2 Secrets" written by T Dub is such a great strategy guide that really seems to teach techniques and secrets that I had not seen else where. All strategies are graded by the level of expertise. In Starcraft 2 Secrets, the author as graded all the techniques from 1-5 stars.

Beginning players will without a doubt get into Silver League by using 1/5 techniques which are better suited for your early matches. Similarly, Silver league members can use the 2 point plans to get into the Gold League, and so on. Let's not forget about the top ones, rated strategies even for the highest league players which will force their enemies to reatreat using these techniques. In short, there are many strategies for players of all skill levels.

Most importantly all the strategies are crystal clear; all the fluff is removed. Exact and simple instructions in every occasion is given and there are literally a dozen or more different build orders for each race!

I am trying here to give you an idea what you will find in this Starcraft 2 strategy guide:
  • Expert Strategies for Protoss 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 Games.
  • Find out how to dominate using any race.
  • Surprisingly simple managing techniques for many units
  • Easily know when it's the best time to attack.
  • Perfected Multiple Build Orders for all 3 Races in 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 games.
  • You'll get a great reputation on Batttle.Net.
  • Also included is the solo portion of this classic.
There are detail features and facilities for the members in their website. Once you see them, you'll love them. As with any great offers, the author is so sure you'll love the guide that he's ready to give you your money back no questions asked if you're not entirely satisfied

If you buy this guide, It's my turn now, to fear you! Wish everyone best of luck.

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Steeven Darn as always helped his peers to choose the right Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide. Wheter you've tried almost all of them out or you've been patiently waiting for the best one to appear, there's a Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide for you.


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