Thursday, January 6, 2011

Best Games of 2010 for Game Lovers

Crysis 2
It is a game developed by Crytek on the basis of science fiction. Crysis 1 was released on 2009. It was a great success in PC gaming with best reviews. Crysis 2 make use of game engine 3 with better graphics bench marking and better game play than earliest version. The background of the game play is New York City. Players can crawl and search behind the walls of the buildings and demolish the cityscapes. Something drastic has happened to New York City and men are trying to outcome those effects. A soldier with some specific skills and good weapons and tools is the main attraction of the game. Also you have options to select different weapons composed of different powers associated with them. But the theme is hidden since the game is not released. It is expected to be the continuation of the first one.

Test drive unlimited 2

Test drive unlimited 2
This is one of the popular online racing games where users are given opportunity to participate in the racing game with challengers around the world. Around 8 players can participate in the race with multiplayer capabilities and participate in exciting challenges. You can ride on 2000 miles around the Mediterranean Sea in Ibiza Island. The greenish vegetations on the both sides of the roads adds attraction o the game.

Also you can download add ones like vehicle cloths and logos and many more attractions. You can set settings for repairing the damaged car automatically during the race.

Diablo 3
The first game from Bixard has announced in 1997 which was named as Diablo which is a themed action game. Game is full of dark fantasy and world with sanctuary which is saved from disaster by the early heroes called the Diablos. In Diablo 2, the main characters of the game return to the evil sanctuary in many forms. In Diablo 3, hero has to fight with dreadful monsters to get rid of them.

You can select different characters with different powers. Also on advancing with the game play you will get varieties of experiences.

GTA is the most famed series for adventure, action and theme based game play with all in one integration along with riding and racing experiences. The new forth coming attraction in GTA 5 is the stealth role which will better his experience of play. It will be released around the end of 2011.

Hitman 5

Hitman 5
Agent 47 is the main character of all Hitman series. This is the most favorite game for those who want adventure and action along with stealth and fully packed sensations. Eidos interactive is bringing this game and will be released at the end of 2010. The new story will be based on a movie.

Maxpayne 3
Rock star and midnight club are the developers behind this game. They were the same game developers of the game GTA. This game is loaded with attractions in which you can enable bullet mode where you can perform different actions.

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