Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Microsoft Gaming Keyboard

The Microsoft Sidewinder X6 keyboard is a high-end gaming keyboard featuring thirty programmable keys, the ability to switch profiles, a selection of vanity keys, and the ability to automatically load up customised game configurations. In addition, the keypad is removable, allowing gamers to adjust their keyboard set up in the manner that is most comfortable to them.

The Sidewinder X6 is Microsoft's answer to the gamer who demands a great deal of customisation for keys and functionality in different gaming environments. Unique to the keyboard is its removable keypad, a luxurious option that makes your gaming experience all the more enjoyable and comfortable. Featuring a slick black colour, the keyboard definitely takes style in to account. The keyboard's size may be a little large for some, but for the hardcore gamer it is all about comfort and offering a full keyboard sized gaming experience is just what the doctor ordered.

The board also features thick rubber feet that keep it from sliding during those intense gaming situations.
The removable keypad connects to the keyboard using a magnetic contact and can be attached to either the left of the right side of the keyboard depending on your preferences. A back light display allows the keys to be lit up for use in the dark. The light can be adjusted so that it doesn't become overpowering. The standard keyboard keys glow red while the programmable gaming keys are set to glow amber, allowing you to differentiate between them. The intensity of the light is not adjusted by a digital button but by an analog knob for full control.

The software that comes with the keyboard can be used to customise all thirty ""S"" keys located on the detachable keypad. An additional row of customisable keys is located to the left of the standard keyboard. The keys can be saved into as many as three different configurations. In this way, you can choose setting between different games and work settings. A button on the top row of the keyboard allows the configurations to be cycled through at any time. Using the keyboard software, specific configurations can also be set up to activate automatically when playing specific games. These settings will automatically activate when you choose to play your game of choice.

The keyboard can also be programmed to record macros during in game situations.
At the push of a button, the keyboard will record a sequence of keystrokes. This same sequence of keystrokes can be reactivated at any time. It also features a ""cruise control"" option that allows you to record a keystroke of up to four keys pressed at the same time, allowing you to repeat this at any time. This is great for strategy games.

The keyboard also features an analog volume knob, buttons for accessing media, and a calculator button. The standard keyboard keys are very quiet and smooth to use. Over all, the X6 is one of the best gaming keyboards available on the market, offering style, customisation, comfort, and flexibility for all of your gaming needs. With adjustable settings for multiple uses and a removable keypad, this keyboard is perfect for gamers.

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