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How to Play WoW And Win

Try before you buy is always a good idea.However it is also useful as it gives you time to try out a few different types of races and classes to see which one suits you best before you actually start paying for the game through your monthly subscription.

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before you choose your character, race, faction or class you must first choose which type of server you want to play on. There are a few things to consider before you pick the server you are going to play on. There are 4 servers which are -

1. Standard.
2. Player versus Player (PvP)
3. Role Playing (RP)
4. Player versus Player plus Role-Playing

The normal server is just the standard game. The second choice server is a PvP server, player versus player. On this server combat can occur between two real life players at any time while you play.Before you decide you want to play in the Role-Playing  server (RP) you should acquaint yourself thoroughly with the rules of that server as there are guidelines that you must follow. Choice 4 is self explanatory.

If it is the first time you have played World of Warcraft you may be better playing on a normal server first. In most cases it is possible to swap to a different type of server at a later time.

The population on a server can also be important. Picking a server with a medium amount of player son it is always advisable. Too many players means overcrowding and too little players means a deserted landscape.

You will have to choose which faction you want to belong to. There are two separate factions.
  1. Horde
  2. The Alliance.
Most experienced players view the Alliance faction to be for beginners. Rarely will a player with experience join the Alliance. Experienced players seem to prefer the Horde and in this faction you will find many powerful guilds and groups to join.

It is a good idea to also test different types of characters. When you test different factions, races and different classes you will soon realise which particular type of character will suit how you want to play the game and which environment you feel most comfortable in.

There are also in-game levelling guides that are available as game add-ons by third party companies. These guides can help you avoid useless quests and finish quests that will level your character quickly and gain much needed items.
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