Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Broodcall - 11th PoxNora Expansion

In Broodcall, the peoples of Valdac have fallen victim to a dreadful plague that changes the inhabitants into monstrosities, and the arrival of dragons threatens to plunge the entire world into a never-ending abyss of fire and ash. The game is launched via Java Web Start and players enter one of four game lobbies where they can chat or enter games. A fifth game lobby is reserved solely for trading discussion.

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Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) today announced the launch of Broodcall, the 11th PoxNora expansion. The Broodcall storyline introduces players to eight new dragons, powerful new runes and an Avatar level cap increase.

With Broodcall is a new storyline with eight faction-specific dragons for players to add to their battle groups, said Dan Kopycienski, director of development for SOE Tucson. "As the popularity of PoxNora continues to grow with more players jumping on board every day, it's exciting that we are able to provide new and returning players with fresh and engaging content." When a champion rune is played, it appears on the game map and can be moved around, just like any other tactical roleplaying game.

Champion movement is limited by their Action Points, which they regenerate at the start of your turn. Champions gain Champion Points as they participate in battles. You can even trade your runes with other players from around the world to get better runes or to make a better deck. There are several "rune shops" in the Trader forum that can give players a good idea of what their runes are worth. It is important to do some research before you trade, as values are approximate and there can be some dishonest traders.

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