Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gaming Keyboard by Logitech

The Logitech G19 keyboard is really a complicated test of your hardcore gaming dedication in disguise. Do you own a killer gaming rig and will spare no expense to procure only the finest gaming peripherals available?... then we've got a great keyboard for you. The G19 combines all of Logitech's skill with gaming keyboards, then tops it off with a built in LCD display.

You can use the LCD screen to show game data, voip communication, CPU load stats, Youtube video etc. The keyboard has it's own embedded Linux computer to make 100% sure that none of your games slow down, even when you are playing WOW and watching the new Tron trailer at the same time. What's more exciting is the included software dev kit to write your own applications for the G19 if you've got the chops and desire.

As the title says, this keyboard replaced the second monitor. It plays movies, reads RSS feeds, monitors system and temps, has a music interface, supports windows sideshow gadgets and of course has useful apps for games that support it. The LED display can be very helpful when programed. The keyboard looks good feels good is great The new Colored screen Should make great community made programs. All the play/pause, mute, volume etc buttons have been moved in other spots all the features are still there.

Of course you get all the other amenities you are accustomed to with a keyboard of this caliber including user-selectable backlit keys, twelve programmable G-keys with three macros per key, Multi-key input, two powered USB 2.0 ports... and more. Buy G19 Keyboard Now!


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