Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lineage II

Lineage's stat, monster, and item system was originally largely borrowed from NetHack with MMO elements added. Players can choose one of five character classes: Elf, Dark Elf, Knight, Prince, or Magician. Princes are the only class that can lead a blood pledge, which is Lineage's term for a guild or clan. Dark Elves were introduced to the game after the other classes.

Game play is based primarily upon a castle siege system which allows castle owners to set tax rates in neighboring cities and collect taxes on items purchased in stores within those cities. It features classic RPG elements reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons, such as killing monsters and completing quests for loot and experience points, levels, character attributes and alignments.

To celebrate five years of Lineage II gaming, Lineage II is offering a one time bonus to players that sign up for either six or twelve months. The best part is, if you're already a subscriber you can still take advantage of the savings. The bonus months will be added or "stacked" on top of your current plan! Log into your NCsoft® Master Account and go to your Lineage II game account page today and take advantage of this money-saving, limited time offer.

Lineage II : The Chaotic Throne Seize your destiny


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