Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Men of War

Men of War turns your PC into a war machine and takes you back to the height of World War II in Europe and North Africa with stunningly detailed graphics and authentic sound effects that will make you feel as though you were there. With hundreds of accurately reproduced tanks, guns, APCs and more.

Men of War

Men of War's cutting-edge graphics engine produces stunning visuals and accurate details of the WWII era that include highly detailed WWII environments, authentic war machines and guns, and incredible explosions. Other smaller details greatly increase the realism of war, including "war fog", breakable ice, visible damage to vehicles, glare effects, water reflections, adjustable camera angles and much more.

To make Men of War seem even more life-like, a host of features were added for improved combat. The damage system quantifies the brutality of various weapons for a more realistic result -- in other words, the bigger the gun, the greater the damage and explosion. Weapons and vehicles include: automatic rifles, machine guns, jet grenade launchers, jeeps, tanks, anti-aircraft guns, armored cars and many more. You can play as either the Allied Forces, the Soviets, or the Germans for a totally different objective and strategy for each campaign.

The German campaign takes place between 1941 and 1943, and you take on the role of German soldier Gunther Borg. Your journey begins with an air drop on Crete which has been captured by enemy forces, and finally leading up to the large-scale attack by Allied Forces.

Men of War

The Soviet campaign begins in 1941 near the Rostov area. Your main objective is to assemble troops to defend strategic targets and stop the Germans from reaching Moscow. As the Allied Forces, you'll battle your way through Algeria and Tunisia in Operation Torch as you try to defeat the Germans in North Africa.

Both online multiplayer and single-player conflicts feature authentic vehicles and weapons of the era and brutal combat that will take you into the heart of the fight. Online play features a unique faction & numerous game play modes including Capture the Flag & High-Value Cargo. Find Men of War and try it.


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